Brochure_NACE 1-Basic course in corrosion control and prevention

Brochure Nace 1 Basic Course In Corrosion Control And Preventionv1


Who should attend?

This course is organized for corrosion practitioners, designers, technical managers, inspection and maintenance engineers, quality control personnel and those involved in failure analysis to update their appreciation of corrosion and the awareness of the emerging technologies for corrosion control and prevention.

About your Trainer:

Dr. Jianhai Qiu BEng PhD CEng FICorr

NACE certified Corrosion Specialist (#5047, USA), April 2007

Chartered Engineer (#453698, the Engineering Council UK), November 1993



30 years of experience in the corrosion industry, corrosion research, university teaching and corrosion consulting.

Provided training courses on corrosion for: PetroVietnam (PVN), Binh Son refinery (BSR), Nghi Sơn refinery (NSRP), PetroVietnam Gas (PVGas), Ministry of Defence (MINDEF, Singapore), and many other companies from Asean countries.


Course content:

  1. Introduction
  • Definition of Corrosion & some examples of Corrosion
  • The impacts of corrosion on society: economy, society, politics and environment
  • Basic Concepts in Corrosion
  • Corrosion Terminologies and Conventions
  • Exercise/Practical Session
  1. Why Do Metals Corrode? The Driving Force for Corrosion: activity and passivity
  • Kinetics: The Rate of Corrosion
  • Polarization
  • Type of polarization and rate-controlling steps
  • Concentration polarization and the importance of dissolved oxygen
  • Effect of oxidizer concentration and velocity on the rate of corrosion
  • Depolarizers and Depolarization
  • Exercise/Practical Session
  1. How Do Metals Corrode: Different Forms of Corrosion: Mechanisms, Recognition and Prevention
  • Corrosion in Specific Environments
  • Exercise/Practical Session
  1. Methods for Corrosion Control and Prevention
  • Corrosion Testing and Monitoring
  • Corrosion Modeling and Corrosion Prediction
  • Exercise/Practical Session
  1. End of Course Examination

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The above includes VAT, but excludes living, accommodation and travel for participant.

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