English for Energy

English For Energy

Who should attend?

Khóa học Tiếng anh chuyên ngành Điện được thiết kế dành cho cán bộ quản lý, chuyên gia hoặc kỹ sư làm việc trong ngành công nghiệp Điện khí, điện than… có trình độ Tiếng Anh đầu vào từ A2 trở lên.

About your Trainer:

Giảng viên có trình độ Thạc sỹ về ngôn ngữ Anh và phương pháp giảng dạy Tiếng Anh, có kinh nghiệm giảng dạy từ 5 năm trở lên.

Course content:

  1. The electricity and gas supply chain :
  • Reading text: The value chain for companies,
  • Language Usage:The passive & The superlatives
  • Office skill: Presenting yourself and your company
  1. The organisation of the market
  • Reading text: An industry analyst forecasts merger and acquisition activity in the sector
  • Language Usage: Linking words
  • Office skill: The art of listening
  1. The different players
  • Reading text: The demands of customers in different segments
  • Language Usage:Modal verbs: should, ought to
  • Office skill: Socializing and small talk 6      
  1. Electricity generation
  • Reading text: Building a new coal-fired plant
  • Language Usage:Comparision of adjectives
  • Office skill: Aking for and giving opinions in meetings
  1. Electricity transmission
  • Reading text: The role of an independent TSO
  • Language Usage:Infinitives
  • Office skill:Formal meetings and seminars
  1. Electricity distribution
  • Reading text: The organisation of the network
  • Language Usage:Negative infinitives
  • Office skill:Telephoning
  1. Energy pricing and billing
  • Reading text: Electricity bill; smart meters; future metering system
  • Language Usage:Future tense
  • Office skill:Hosting a conference call
  1. Energy retail and customer relationship management
  • Reading text: Policy on business development
  • Language Usage:Embedded questions
  • Office skill:Giving a presentation
  1. Energy in the home
  • Reading text: The top five energy efficiency measures
  • Language Usage:If and When + present tense
  • Office skill:Writing emails
  1. Energy services
  • Reading text: The energy services business
  • Language Usage:Although, in spite of, despite, but
  • Office skill:Explaining how things work
  1. Trading and power markets
  • Reading text: Business of a company, The “Enron Legacy”
  • Language Usage:Prepositions
  1. Financial reporting and control
  • Reading text: The key financial issues for companies ; A financial summary
  • Language Usage:Much, many, a lot, a few, a little
  1. Green issues
  • Reading text: Green energy tariffs
  • Language Usage: Adjectives and adverbs, Prepositions with statistics
  1. Renewable energy
  • Reading text: The merits of different renewable energy sources
  • Language Usage: Expressing purpose
  • Office skill:Training and clarifying instructions
  1. Sustainable development
  • Reading text: Independent projects; Sustainable development policy document
  • Language Usage: Present perfect vs past simple
  1. Safety
  • Reading text: Company safety policy; A gas explosion
  • Language Usage: Past tenses for narratives
  1. IT systems
  • Reading text: Company hardware of the future
  • Language Usage: Time phrases with specific tenses
  • Office skill: Negotiating

Easy to register:

Fax    : 84-254-3838452

Cell   : 84-943470055 (Mr.Tri)

Email : tri.dm@pvmtc.com.vn