1. Ngàn dặm dưới đáy biển

1. Ngàn dặm dưới đáy biển

2. Preparation of maintenance campaign for diving spreads in Quarter IV-2015 (16/10/2015)

At the end of each year, after finish diving projects, Board of Diving Equipment will have maintenance campaign for all diving spreads in order to support diving projects next year. This is annual activities to repair and maintain all damages in diving spreads after one year SSD performed diving projects. On this occasion, diving supervisor and SSD’s Board of Manager assess more accurately about working skills and the enthusiasm of the divers, mechanics.


3.Competence Assessment for all positions of diving team (12/10/2015)

On 12th October 2015, Training Board of Subsea Services Division(SSD) delivered Competence Assessment Forms for all positions of diving team. These Forms were rectified to follow “Competence Assessment Portfolio” Document of IMCA. It assessed competence of each position in diving team include: Diving Supervisor, Diver, Project Engineer, Diving Medic and Mechanic. This is the significant occasion to help SSD’s Board of Manager assess competences and responsibilities of each member in diving team. Therefore, SSD’s Board of Manager will have plans to train working skills for them.

We believe this approach helps SSD people develop know-how and skills needed for fulfilling the requirements of clients and tackling the challenges of their assigned jobs.

Employee contribution to the SSD/PVMTC development is recognized and highly valued. Everyone with high performance will be groomed through a series of varied and enriching assignments that will prepare him/her for future challenging and interesting roles, Mr.Vu Van Ha-Manager of SSD said.

4. PVMTC Trade union Football Tournament 2015(09/10/2015)


According to the approval of Party Committee, Board of Rector, the Union of PetroVietNam Manpower Training College (PVMTC) successfully organized the football cup at "Number One" football field from 30/09 – 08/10/2015 to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of PVMTC.

This is one the very significant activities of sports and culture of PVMTC in order to improve the solidarity, enhance sports spirits, and strengthen physical health of staffs in all faculties and departments.

The football team of Subsea Services Division was really enthusiastic and energetic to compete in such exciting matches, and gained the Bronze Medal in the tournament

5. Complete Provision of Diving Service for 2015 underwater survey HST jacket” Project for Thang Long JOC(23/09/2015)

Implementing Contract No. 052E-2015/PTSC-GS/ROV/MDV between Thang Long JOC and PVMTC. On 04 January 2015, PVMTC mobilized wet-bell diving system and used DP 2 vessel Crest Agust I together IMCA diving team of SSD/PVMTC to implement the project. The project was performed as planned schedule, absolute safety and highly appreciated by client.


Diving Wet-Bell support for Project

6. Safety Award for Hilighted Personnel in Quarter III-2015 (12/10/2015)

On 12th October 2015, to encourage spirits of implementation safety rules in workplace, Safety Board of Subsea Services Division(SSD) hosted the HSE Award Ceremony for Hilighted Personnel in Quarter III-2015 who have big contribution to find and prevent accident onsite.

At the ceremony, Mr. Vu Van Ha – SSD’s Manager congratulated and delivered Safety Award for 03 members of the project team include: Mr.Bui Van Phung(Diving Supervisor), Mr.Phan Van Phu(Project Engineer) and Mr.Nguyen Quang Thuong(IMCA Diver). Therefore, all staffs need to be always at the highest awareness and attention as well as strict compliance with safety regulations to drive the next diving project to final success, Mr. Vu Van Ha added. 

7. The First Dive Technician of Viet Nam (16/09/2015)

From 01 September to 11 September 2015, with permission of SSD’s Board of Manager, Diving Equipment Engineer-Mr.Dang Ngoc Duy had gone to KBA Training (Singapore), a member of IMCA to participate in Dive Technician Competency Course. After this course, he got Dive Technician Certificate and become the First Dive Technician in Viet Nam. This is significant milestone for diving career of SSD/PVMTC.

Dive Technicians carry out the vital and responsible job of maintaining diving equipment and diving systems. The importance of correct servicing and repair is recognised throughout the industry and proof of competency is now required.

This syllabus offers an excellent practical background of diving equipment and system maintenance as well as comprehension of relevant legislation, industry standards and systems including IMCAs DESIGN document and Planned Maintenance Systems.


8. Survey crude-oil pipelines and SPM systems for Binh Son Refinery(BSR) 2015 (15/10/2015)

From 2009 to 2015, PVMTC has been performed inspection annually for BSR and contributed to maintain the sustainable operations of BSR. This year, PVMTC had completed this project in July 2015 and received high valuation from BSR’s Board of Director.


9. Provision in-water survey for VSP Offshore Installations 2015 (10/10/2015)

Today, Vietsovpetro (VSP) are the operator of 4 SBM (Single Buoy Mooring), 4 FSO (Floating Storage and Offloading), 42 offshore installation complexes & associated pipelines, 2 Jack-up, 1 semi submersible are situated in the Bach Ho (White Tiger) field & Rong (Dragon) field in the southern sea of Vietnam.

Petrovietnam Manpower Training College (PVMTC) and Petrovietnam Technical Service Company (PTSC) combined their resources and expertise to carry out the 2015 in-water biennial & major survey of eight platforms: BK, BK-9, FSS-1-2-3, MSP-1, MSP-6, MSP-9, RC-2, RC-1. 

Lloyd’s Register is the Certifying authority for these offshore Installations .

The in-water biennial & major survey of eight platforms was commenced on 21st July, 2015 and completed on 03rd October, 2015. The diving support vessels DK 101 and DK 105 of PTSC Marine were used for the survey. The scope of work of the platforms in-water survey from MSL to seabed (-50.00m).


Broken Anode found by Divers