Vocational Education

PVMTC, one of the crucial training unit of Petrovietnam, which was founded on 7th November 1975 has undertaken the key tasks of training and developing high-quality human resources with approximately 160,000 studentsover 40 years. 

The College’s skilled vocational graduates have met the requirements of the companies inside and outside the oil and gas industry and received a considerable amount of employers’ appreciation of their qualifications, practical skills and industrial style.
PVMTC has been donated by Petrovietnam to make investment in purchasing complete training equipment, the most modern facilities nationwide for such training purposes in the College as: Simulators system of Power Plants, Fertilizer plants, Refineries …; workshops of control system DCS, PLC, electrical installation, refrigeration…; workshop of welding : 3G, 6G…; workshop of operating and maintaining valves, pumps, compressors, heat exchangers. In addition, PVMTC has constructed good training facilities: modernly equipped classrooms; a 500-room dormitory free of charge, accommodating thousands of students.
Since 2015, PVMTC has been recognized by City & Guilds Organization of the United Kingdom to become one of their affiliations and licensed to training instrumentation equipment repair. Accordingly, PVMTC has been granted to conduct vocational training courses under the City & Guilds’s curriculum and surveillance and on this basis its graduates will internationally be recognized.
For the past years, PVMTC has paid great attention to upgrading qualifications and skills for teaching staff. The College currently has 170 teachers, 55 percent of whom possess postgraduate degree. Most PVMTC’s lecturers have graduated from reputable universities and colleges locally and internationally. Distinctively, PVMTC has been sucessful in implementing the model of combining training with doing various sorts of techincal services, which facilitates the lecturers to approach the most advanced technology in modern plants to improve practical skills, update and bring real experience into their lectures.
The training programmes have frequently been updated and adapted to fit the latest technological and scientific achievements as well as clients’ demanding requirements. In 2017, the College has recompiled VET’s curricula in such a way that they will be appropriate with the advent of the  law on Vocational education, which tends to shorten the duration for theory study, and stengthen the pratice to make the vocational graduates real skilled technicians who can meet clients’taxing needs.
Over the last years, the students have been not only trained in PVMTC’s modern and complete simulators’rooms, workshops but also given the OJT program in plants, companies in and beyond the oil and gas industry. Since most vocational leavers satisfy PVMTC’s standards of curricular training quality, approximately 100 percent of them have been employed and appreciated by businesses.
While being vocational students at PVMTC,  they always have opportunities to enjoy the favourable, modern facilities and professional training environment. Moreover, they are supported with such special policies as staying free in the College’s dormitory; getting monthly scholarship up to 680,000VND; joining extra curriculum activities, youth union activities…
PVMTC’s Intermediate and College admission information
- Admission disciplines
+ Petroleum processing equipment maintenance and repair
+ Industrial electricity
+ Calibration and maintenance of instruments
+ Petroleum processing operation
+ Welding
- Admission procedure: approve all valid documents
- Location: Ba ria campus – PVMTC – Long Toan ward, Ba ria city – Ba ria – Vung tau province

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