Training department is one of the function departments and was established at the same time as PVMTC’s foundation. Training department is one of the key departments whose activities are essentially involved in training in the whole College.

In addition to the main task of organizing and managing teaching and learning process, Training department helps to advise the Rector’s board in all activities related to the training such as quality control, scientific research, training cooperations and orientating the college to a training institution reaching international standards.

Functions and core tasks:

- To advise the Board of Rectors on training mission, building orientations, strategies for developing the medium and long term training at PVMTC;
- To advise the Board of Rectors on enrollment task, managing the training process as well as graduation of vocational courses;
- To advise the Board of Rectors on the commendation and discipline of students;
- To advise the Board of Rectors to improve the quality management system (ISO 9001: 2008);
- To be mainly responsible for promoting and implementing the pre-employment training for the key projects of Petrovietnam;
- To study and propose improved management methods to enhance the role and effectiveness of the faculties, specific subject teams in training process;
- To research and propose solutions to strengthen all resources in order to enhance the quality of education and training services, satisfying the needs of human resources
in terms of both quantity and quality for Petrovietnam- To take over, manage closely and make the most of the existing training facilities and equipment to support
training activities;
- To participate in the tasks of recruiting, training, managing and developing human resources for PVMTC.

Typical activities:

- To play a key role in organizing the enrollment, monitoring training process and organizing graduation exams for vocational students at PVMTC;
- To conduct the essential tasks of organizing training activities for key projects of Petrovietnam, such as: Nghi Son Refinery Plan, Binh Son Refinery Plan, Thai Binh Thermal Power Plan, Vung Ang Thermal Power Plan, Nhon Trach Gas Power Plan, Ca Mau Gas Power and Fertilizer Plan, Phu My Fertilizer and Chemicals Plan…;
- To mainly take charge of building vocational subjects according to international standard: City & Guilds (UK) has certified PVMTC as one of their training institutes in 2015 .
- To be primarily responsible for successfully organizing Petroleum skill contests of Petrovietnam.


Training Department:

    Government’s certificates of merit: 2002; 2011
    Ministry of Industry and Trade’s certificates of merit: 2007; 2013
    Labor Medal -  Third class: 2008


    Mr. Hoàng Tiến Thăng: Government’s certificate of merit 2013