The faculty of continuing training and professional improvement

The Faculty of Continuing Training and Professional Improvement which was established according to the decision No 209/TĐTDK/TC-HC on the 31st March 2005 issued by the Rector of PVMTC belongs to Petrovietnam Manpower Training College.

Functions and core tasks:

- Organization and implementation of training and regular refresher courses planned by Petrovietnam and assigned by the College.
- Implementation of training services, continuing training, training counselling services for Petrovietnam’s subsidiaries as well as organizations, business at their requirements.
- Cooperation with Universities/ Institutes to organize postgraduate training programmes;Undergraduate’programmes for both learning and working learners; Second University degree; College-University interlinking programs.

Training activities:

The Faculty has organized seminars, courses of training, profesional improvement for Petrovietnam’s subsidiaries and others companies. Thematic shortterm training courses have been conducted such as Project Management, Human Resource Management, Construction Supervision, Procurement, Foreign trade operations, Office administration, skills of Management and Leadership, skills of negotiation - presentation, ....
The Faculty has established co-operation with Universities to organize Postgraduate training programmes for technical staffs, engineers and managements with subjects like:
- Electrical technique
- Control & Instrumentation
- Machinery designing
- Refinery - Petrochemical
- Business Administration
The Faculty has co-operated with Universities to organize undergraduate’programmes for both learning and working learners with subjects like:
- Petroleum Drilling - Production - Petroleum equipment
- Business Administration - Business Acounnting
- Financing - Banking- Economic Law
- Machinery designing - Welding technology
- Electronic – Electrical engineering
- Control & Instrumentation - Industrial electricity
- Chemical technology - Geodetic subject

Activities clip :

Video of faculty's main activies : Click here

Faculty manager: The faculty has 01 Manager and 02 Deputy Manager

- Manager: Nguyễn Hữu Cường

- Deputy Manager: Đặng Minh Trí - Nguyễn Đức Sơn


-   Petrovietnam’s certificates of merit in 2007;  2008;  2010; 2011; 2014.
-   Ministry of Industry and Trade’s certificates of merit 2008, 2011 



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