Subsea services department

Subsea services division

Functions and core tasks:
- Training commercial divers and developing diving field for underwater structure’s construction and inspection for oil contractors and companies in and outside

- Providing diving services and subsea structural engineering in construction, inspection, maintenance, repair, and calibration of offshore structures for oil contractors at home and abroad in such fields as: Transportation, Power, Marine, Defence...

Establishment and development

1978 - Established by the financial aid program of the Kingdom of Norway, enrolling students for the first diving course.
1982 - Providing diving services to the market.
1984 - Providing diving services in searching, exploration, and exploitation of oil and gas in the Bach Ho field for the joint venture "Vietsovpetro".
1995 - Training survey divers certificated CSWIP 3.1U, 3.2U and providing inspection diving service to support registry office for the marine works.
2001- Underwater inspection diving service was certificated by the international register office.
2012 - Providing gas mixture diving service working at maximum depth of 75 meters of water.
2015 - Becoming a diving contractor member of the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA).

Activities’ results

Holding 12 courses of skillfully divers with a total number of 163 achieved level 2/4.
All divers have been certified and recognized by MOLISA
Inspection divers have been granted certificates of level I & II by Lloyds which are equivalent to CSWIP 3.1U and 3.2U.

Technical services:
PVMTC’s subsea services department has gained a good reputation in the country and the world. With skillfully divers and invested equipment, the Department
is capable of performing various types of such technical services as: subsea engineering construction supporting diving services, inspection and surveying diving
services, underwater structure repair diving services for PetroVietnam’s subsidiaries and other contractors.

Major contracts:
Annual contract for Vietsovpetro’s platforms survey for classification services.
Contract for surveying, repairing Hai Su Trang platform of Thang Long JOC.
Principle contract for surveying and repairing the platforms of Cuu long JOC, Petronas.
Contract for surveying, repairing the platforms of Hoang Long, Hoan Vu JOC, JVPC.
Contract for provision of diving services for the Te Giac Trang field development project of Hoan Vu JOC.

VSP; Cuu Long JOC; Hoang Long & Hoan Vu JOC;Thang Long JOC; JVPC; PV Gas; BSR; Petronas; POVO.



      1993 :     Prime Minister’s certificate of merit. Petrovietnam’s emulative flag on Excellent organization
        1994 :     Viet Nam General Labour Confederation’s certificate of merit.
        1998 :     Prime Minister’s certificate of merit.
        2004 :     Government’s emulative flag.
        2005 :     Petrovietnam’s certificate of merit.
        2006:      Labor Medal -  Third class
       2011:  Prime Minister’s certificate of merit,  Ministry of Industry and Trade’s certificate of merit.
       2014:  Ministry of Industry and Trade’s certificate of merit.


                    Nguyen Van Thanh:  Labor Medal -  Third class:     2008
                                                       Government’s certificates of merit:     2003; 2007
                    Vu Van Ha:                Government’s certificate of merit:     2012