Petroleum field training

The Petroleum Faculty was established on 24th December 2007 according to the Decision No 1786/QĐ–ĐTNL by the Rector of PVMTC, consisting of two departments: “Drilling & Production engineering” and “Oil & Gas Processing’’.

Since its establishment still now, the Petroleum Faculty has continuously developed and affirmed its significant role in terms in Oil and Gas Industry. Besides vocational training, it also undertakes core tasks of training, pre-employment training, regular upgraded & short-term training courses in the wide field of Oil and Gas industry as follows:

1. Courses at primary level in the field of operating boiler, floorman, ....
Duration: 1-3 months

2. Process & equipment maintenance & operation courses:
- Oil & gas Rotating and static equipment operation
- Oil & gas Drilling, Exploration & Production
- Oil Refining, Petrochemical
- Gas processing

3. Process operation on dynamic real simulator
- Drilling Simulator (Onshore & Offshore)
- Oil & Gas Production Simulator
- Refinery & Petrochemical Simulator        
- Gas Processing Plant Simulator
- Plastic Processing Plant Simulator (PP, PE…)

4. Advanced courses according to international standards
- Use specialized software: Hysys, Olga….
- Corrosion (NACE, API, …)
- Subsea, FPSO…

Especially, with the team of experienced Instructors, invited Experts from real plants and the high qualified & professional instructors, the faculty has been always entrusted with the task of training the Pre–Recruitment Project of the Petrovietnam such as: Binh Son refinery, Ca Mau Fertilizer, Nghi Son refinery and Petrochemical complex.

In addition, Bai Dau guesthouse provides trainees with courses with the strengths of well-equipped facilities, modern and comprehensive teaching equipment that met the strict requirements. This can be a convenient location for study, rest and sightseeing.
(Address: 120 Tran Phi, Vung Tau City - Head Office: 7 Km)

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Petroleum Faculty


Address: No. 43, 30/4 Street, Ward 9, Vung tau City, BR-VR Province

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