Mechanical training

Long-termed training: Training vocational students at Intermediate and College levels of welding, petroleum processing equipment maintenance and repair. Over the years, FOMDE has trained and provided the Oil and Gas Industry and the country with technicians of high quality:

Welders from basic to advanced level, mechanical fitter technicians, anti-corrosion technicians, repairing, maintaining and operating techinicians of petroleum processing equipment, technicians of lathe engineering
Short-termed training: FOMDE has implemented the training, upgrading for over 3,000 students with many specific professions at different levels, which has contributed to meet Petrovietnam’s requirements of human resources and the country's economy.
-  Welding 6G position (by US standards) for TIG welding technology, MIG / MAG, FCAW and SMAW.
-  Conducting upgraded courses on maintenance and repair of rotating equipment, static equipment, assembling topside, assembling jackets and assembling process piping.
- Training courses for lathing technicians, painters, welding inspectors.
- Scientific research:
FOMDE has also participated in research into innovative technology to apply to real-life production, to effectively serve the cause of industrialization and modernization of oil and gas industry and the country, to participate actively in the creation of knowledge and the high-tech industries.

- Technical services :
With a team of experts, intensively trained staff and modern facilities, FOMDE has assured clients of reliability and service quality.
Maintenance and repair services of industrial equipment:

+    Maintaining, repairing, testing and calibrating valves (On- off valves, pressure safety valves and control valves);
+    Maintaining and repairing pipelines and storage tanks;
+    Maintaining and repairing pumps, engines and compressors;
+    Dynamic balancing;
+    Recovering and repairing crankshafts.




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