The Faculty of Mechanical and Dynamic Engineering was founded according to the Decision No. 1785 / CDDK on the 14th December 2007 issued by the Rector of  PVMTC.

Functions and core tasks:

-    Training human resources of high quality:

Long-termed training: Training vocational students at Intermediate and College levels of welding, petroleum processing equipment maintenance and repair. Welders from basic to advanced level, mechanical fitter technicians, anti-corrosion technicians, repairing, maintaining and operating techinicians of petroleum processing equipment,technicians of lathe engineering.
Short-termed training: The faculty has implemented the training, upgrading programmes for technicians in Petrovietnam’s subsidiaries and other companies with
many specific professions:
- Welding 6G position (by US standards) for TIG welding technology, MIG / MAG, FCAW and SMAW
- Maintenance and repair of rotating equipment, static equipment, assembling topside, assembling jackets and assembling process piping.
- Lathing technicians, painters, welding inspectors.

-    Technical services :

Maintenance and repair services of industrial equipment:

+    Maintaining, repairing, testing and calibrating valves (On- off valves, pressure safety valves and control valves);
+    Maintaining and repairing pipelines and storage tanks;
+    Maintaining and repairing pumps, engines and compressors;
+    Dynamic balancing;
+    Recovering and repairing crankshafts.

Nondestructive testing and destructive testing services:

+ Nondestructive testing : Penetration testing (PT); Magnetic testing (MT); Ultrasonic testing(UT);
+ Destructive testing: Tension, compress, bending, impact, macro, material hardness testing;
+ Services of inspecting boilers, hot water boilers and pressure equipment.

Typical activities:

The Faculty has implemented the following service contracts:
- Service of maintaining pressure safety valves (PSV), control valves, manual valves and C & I equipment for the turnaround of Dung Quat Refinery.
- Service of maintaining pressure safety valves (PSV), control valves, manual valves for the turnaround of Ca Mau Fertilizer plant.
- Service of maintaining control valves for the turnaround of Phu My Fertilizer plant; Ha Bac Fertilizer plant.


Faculty of Mechanical and Dynamic Engineering:

Excellent Labor Collective Awarded by Ministry of Industry and Trade 2011.
Ministry of Industry and Trade’s certificates of merit 2011, 2013