The Faculty of Electricity and Automation was established according to the decision No 692/TĐTDK/TC-HC on the 10th November 2003 issued by the Rector of PVMTC.

It was originally named Facculty of Measurement, Instrumentation, Automation until 2008 when it was renamed Faculty of Electricity – Instrumentation (E & I)  including two main disciplines: Electricity and Instrumentation.

In the early years of foundation from 2003 to 2006 the Faculty had only 08 members. It always accomplished successfully the tasks assigned by the Board of Rectors, especially those in the service field of calibration  and verification of instruments, maintaining DCS system, Fire & Gas system for such customers as Phu My Fertilizer plant, Phu My Plastics and Chemicals Company, Long Thanh Super phosphate plant, Hiep Phuoc Power Plant,...

Inheriting the initial successes, the Faculty has today created a highly trained team of managers, teachers and staff together with modern and synchronous facilities, which has facilitated the Faculty to successfully implement traditional services, also to expand some new services to meet the increasingly diverse requirements of clients.

Functions and core tasks:

Training services: The Faculty has trained and supplied human resources of  E&I for the Oil and Gas Companies domestically and internationally.

Besides vocational training  (Elementary, Intermediate and College levels), the Faculty has also conducted short-term training courses at the request of clients in the fields of E&I such as instrument process control, maintenance of electrical equipment, electrical testing and control systems such as DCS, SCADA, PLC, ESD.

Technical services: The Measurement - Control room of the Faculty of E&I certified with VILAS 121 operating in the field of measurement and calibration according to ISO / IEC 17025, is fully equipped to perform services for installation, calibration and maintenance of electrical equipment, electrical test, calibration of instrument.

Typical activities :

1 /Training vocational students to Intermediate and College levels of industrial electricity, instrumentation and operating power plants.

2 / Conducting short-term training courses according to clients’ requirements in the fields of E&I:
Instrumentation: The Faculty has conducted such typical courses as: Operation and maintenance of control system DCS, PLC; Process control; Calibration and maintenance of instrument.

Electricity: The Faculty has implemented training courses on operation and maintenance of transformer’s stations; courses on testing electrical equipment; connecting cables of medium / high voltage, ...

3 / Technical services: With the laboratory accredited in accordance with ISO / IEC 17025 in the fields of metrology, calibration and testing, along with a team of experienced personnel, the Faculty of E&I has specialized in performing technical services:

- Calibration and maintenance of instruments, including temperature, pressure, level, flow, control valves.
-  Calibration and maintenance of electrical measuring equipment: AC/DC current, AC/DC voltage, resistance.
- Maintaining and testing of electrical equipment: electric motors, circuit breaker, Analog & digital relay and digital technology, cable.
- Installing, testing, commissioning of the control systems.
- Maintaining and upgrading control systems as required.




Faculty of Electricity and Automation:

Ministry of Industry and Trade’s certificate of merit  2011
Excellent & Advanced Labor Collective annually Awarded by PVN and PVMTC


One teaher won the Bronze medal in National Teaching contest of Vocational Teachers 2009.
Two teachers were awarded the Bronze medal for the National contest of innovating vocational training equipment 2010.