Electricity - automation Training

E&I faculty is carrying out training and supplying human resources specialized in Electrical and Instrumentation field for both petrochemical companies and non-petrochemical companies.

In addition to long-term training curriculums (primary, secondary and college), E&I faculty also conducts short-term training courses based on customer requirements in E&I field such as instrumentation; fundamentals of process control; instrumentation calibration and maintenance, maintenance and testing of electrical equipment; control system operation and maintenance

Automation Field:
In the field of automation, the Faculty specializes in intensive training courses on instrumentation and control systems mentioned as below:
- Instrumentation - Automatic control.
- Process Control
- Instrumentation Calibration and Maintenance
- Hydraulic Pneumatic Control Systems
- Installation and Use of Instrumentation
- Pressure and Temperature Calibration Services
- Control Valve Calibration
- Distributed Control System (DCS)
- PLC Siemens S7 Programming
- Fire & Gas
- Skills Enhancement for Workers and Technicians Specialized in Automation Field
- Fieldbus Engineering

Electrical Field:
In the electrical field, the Faculty particularly carries out operation and maintenance of transformer substations; electrical equipment calibration and testing as follows:
-         Operation and Maintenance of Transformer Substations
-         Electrical Motors: Operation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting
-         Operation and Maintenance High - Voltage Equipment
-         Practical Electrical Equipment Testing
-         Practical Electrical Equipment Calibration
-         Electrical Installation Techniques
-         HVAC Installation and Troubleshooting
-         Understanding Electrical Engineering and Safety for Non-Electricians
-         Practical Electrical Wiring Standards by Intrinsic Explosive Atmosphere
-         Lightning, Surge Protection of Electrical System
-         Safe Operation of Generators, Transformer Stations and Power Distribution System
-         Fundamentals of Operation and Troubleshooting of Emergency/Standby Power Generation using Diesel Generators
-         Safe Operation and Maintenance of Circuit Breakers and Switchgear
-         Safe Management and Operation of Electrical Equipment utilizing voltage up to 22KV
-         Testing and Installation of Protective Relays
-         Advanced Training Course for Electrical Technicians




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