Department of political work and student management

The Political guidelines and students’ management department was established according to the Decision No1787 / QD-DTNL signed by the Rector of PetroVietnam Manpower Training College on the 24th December 2007.

Functions and core tasks:


Associating with other departments and faculties in the College in conducting appropriate measures to educate moral qualities, keep strict control on students’ routine
orderly and effectively.

 Core tasks:

- Organizing learning resolutions, guidelines and policies of the Party and the State, organizing the extracurricular activities, building cultural, civilized, polite environment, monitoring students’ implementation of rules and regulations, especially students staying in the dormitory.
- Organizing such movement activities as culture, sport, charity, gratitude and public labor ones, implementing the regulation of developing Party members among students. - Awarding classes and students having good achievements in their studies and moral training. Simultaneously taking measures of educating and recommending discipline for students who violated the regulations.
- Monitoring external students in the observance of security, social security and timely handling cases of violation.
- Managing and exploiting the facilities including dormitories, classrooms, equipment for teaching at Ba Ria branch.

Typical activities:

- Organizing the studying of resolutions, political activity at the beginning of course, of the school year;Organizing sports, cultural and extracurricular activities, performances, charity, gratitude... which have effects on educating students about tradition and revolutionary ideals.
- Establishing criteria of assessing form-teachers’ job, since then the form-teachers’ job has been done well and effectively.
- Doing asset protection, fire fighting prevention well, creating a green, clean and beautiful scenery, being recognized as a cultural business annually.