Planning department

Functions and core tasks:
- Making short, medium and long-term plans on socioeconomic development and budgeting estimates for the College.

- Managing and implementing the basic construction investment, procurement, repair, maintenance of facilities and equipment used for training, management and technical services as approved plans.
- Carrying out bidding, bid proposal, negotiating, drafting, managing and monitoring the implementation of economic contracts; Being mainly responsible for resolving
commercial disputes.
- Building management rules, material consumption norms for training and services; organising the inventory of assets, supplies and equipment of the College.
- Supplying materials, machinery, equipment, tools, materials, fuel; building norms of material consumption, stationery and materials for training and service activities.

Typical activities:

Planning activities:

Creating the long-term plans, annual plans of the College, submitting to PVN for approval; Building plans for other departments and faculties; Monitoring and supervising their plans’ implementation.

Investment and Construction Activities:

In the period 2008-2015, the Planning Department has hosted, deployed and completed the following construction projects approved by PVN:
+ Project: 9-storey building for working offices, library, classrooms, and laboratories  - Vung Tau Headquarters.
+ Project: Dormitory No. 1 - Ba Ria Branch.
+ Project: Dormitory No. 3 - Ba Ria Branch.
+ Project to build Nghe An Branch.
+ Project to build  Safety and Environment Training Center .
+ Project: 9-storey building for working offices and classrooms - Ba Ria Branch.
+  Project: Traing Workshop System - Ba Ria Branch.

Commerce - Contract Activities:

+ Taking charge of bidding, bid proposal, negotiating, signing, supervising the implementation and liquidating contracts for service, training, procurement of assets and
other contracts in accordance with the law; responding promptly and effectively to the requirements of the training activities and the production and business of the College.
+ Building and completing the norms of supplies and training unit price, contributing to the management of the economical allocation and use of supplies and equipment.



-    Ministry of Industry and Trade’s certificate of merit:    2013
-    Petrovietnam’s certificates of merit:  2010; 2011; 2012; 2013; 2014.
-    Ministry of Industry and Trade’s certificate of merit for Excellent Labor Collective: 2011


-   Mr. Nguyen Van Trang - Government’s certificate of merit:  2011