College profile


Petroleum Technical School, which is now Petrovietnam Manpower Training College, was founded on 7th November 1975 based on the General Department of Viet Nam Oil and Gas’s decision No 118/TCDK-VP.

For the past 40 years, the College has ceaselessly developed, grown and obtained many achievements with great pride. The College has accomplished the main functions and missions, namely training and providing manpower for Petrovietnam, researching and applying technology to enhance the quality and effectiveness of training and carrying out a wide range of technical services.

The College’s management board, trainers and staff have always shown solidarity and strived for building the College better and more modern. 150,000 trainees from Petrovietnam and every part of the country with more than 150 training programs have been trained at PVMTC. The fact that many generations of the leaders, trainers, employees and students from PVMTC have now been successful in their careers has promoted the College’s reputation.

Various generations of leader, trainer, staff, and trainee have contributed significantly to PVMTC’s success; local and central authorities have also contributed to the achievement; especially Petrovietnam and its subsidiaries have played very important roles in the development. On behalf of PVMTC, I would like to express our sincere thanks to all and look forward to receiving further support in the future.

With the motto “Training today – Achieving success tomorrow”, PVMTC will continuously improve it human resource’s qualification, invest modern training facilities to satisfy training needs and technical requirement of Petrovietnam and other clients.